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Humberto Calzada

Still Life in Stone--Serigraph, Signed and numbered series of 100

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The Strength of Distance-Digital Print on either paper or canvas. Signed and numbered edition of 100.

Golden Anniversary-signed and numbered digital print on either paper or canvas. Edition of 100


 "Humberto Calzada". 252-page hard-cover book with over 200 full-color plates.  

We represent the limited edition fine art serigraphs, lithographs and digital prints of Humberto Calzada, an American artist of Cuban origin. In his serigraphs, lithographs and digital prints, Calzada continues to express the themes that have made his art recognizable and unique: his surreal classical and tropical architectural imagery; his use of color, light, shadow and shade; his use of  perspective; and his  portrayal of nature in harmony with a dream-like architectural setting. The selection of serigraphs and digital prints featured here is available directly through Insula Verde. In addition to these serigraphs and digital prints (which were produced especially for Insula Verde), we are also happy to offer a limited edition lithograph of the Havana Yacht Club commissioned by its members and produced by Humberto Calzada in 1998.

Calzada's career in fine arts began in 1974, and forms part of many prestigious private, corporate and public art collections as well as the art collections of accredited museums in both the United States and Latin America. Since 1976, he has dedicated himself exclusively to painting. His work blends the traditions and quality of Cuban art and Latin American art with those of contemporary American fine art. Calzada continues to paint from his studio in Miami, where he has resided since 1960. From December 1, 2006 through January 28, 2007, he celebrated his first thirty years of professional career at the Lowe Art Museum with a 71-work retrospective: "Humberto Calzada: In Dreams Awake" A 252-page book was published to coincide with the Retrospective and it is available through our Gift Shop.  The catalog from his most recent exhibit, "The Fire Next Time" is also available.

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Limited Edition  Gallery  to view our selection of serigraphs (silk screens), lithographs and digital prints (also know as giclee) on both paper and canvas. All of our fine art prints are hand-numbered and signed by the artist. Posters, signed or unsigned, are available in the Gift Shop .

In the
Retrospective Gallery  we invite you to view a chronological exhibit of original fine art representing Humberto Calzada's work from 1974 to the present, including the break-from-traditon Fire series.. Many of traditional architectural paintings from over the years are also on display.  We'd like for you to meet Humberto Calzada in  About the Artist. In the Frequently Asked Questions page, we address your contemporary fine art questions as well as explain and define art-related terms such as  serigraphy, lithography, digital imagery, printmaking processes,  limited editions and many other topics of interest to the art lover and the art collector alike. 

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